Introducing Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger bathroom tile

You may not have ever heard of Walker Zanger, but they’ve been selling marble and stone tiles for 60 years. They work with quarries in Europe, tile artisans in Mexico, mosaic artists in Tunisia and etchers in Italy. Westwater is proud to work with this outstanding company.

Walker Zanger is not JUST tile. They put together unique configurations of tiles, often with different textures, to create works of art for counters and walls. They play with textures and patterns, giving surfaces a luxurious, one-of-a-kind feel.

Here is an example of some truly creative wall tiles made of concrete:

You can check out some more of their custom tile ideas over on Houzz. Whatever the pattern, shape, color or configuration, Walker Zanger offers tile solutions to fit any room. They have collections that such materials as ceramic and terracotta, porcelain, concrete, glass, stone mosaic, decorative stone, metal and wood, stone tile and slab stone.

The choices from Walker Zanger are limited only by your imagination. Call us today at (941) 366-9936 to let your imagination run wild.

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